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Sent my Tattoo back to Orange

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Well, had the Tattoo for about 5 days. Nice interface. However, the plasticy build, and the screen size just wasn't good enough.

I downloaded a couple of games from the Market Place. They just didn't perform as I expected. Even the Monopoly and bricks games that came bundled with the phone were really jerky and slow.

I liked the way it joined my Contacts with Facebook, and gathered all of my Google contacts/calendars/etc and put it into the device's respective apps, that was neat and very simple.

I was very dubious about the touchscreen, having had an iphone, I was expecting to take a long time to get used to the resistive technology, but it was very simple, and in the end, the auto corrections meant I could type pretty quick!

Android has a lot of potential, but that potential is only as good as the device, and the Tattoo isn't cutting edge. But I knew that when I took it on.

Just thought others might like to read my opinions before they get one.

I've sent it back to Orange and cancelled the contract. I'll wait for something else. And stick with my crappy dated WM device...

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Agree the screen size and resolution let it down a bit. The screen on the Hero is much nicer why didnt you just get a Hero?

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why didnt you just get a Hero?

Basically, because I think the Hero handset is possibly the ugliest phone on the market. I thought the Tattoo looked a lot better.

I'm using a Sony Ericsson k800 now! I love it, it just "works"

But I'm on the search for my next phone. No idea what it might be. Was thinking about the Sony Satio, but I've read some pretty poor reviews recently. So, I'm waiting to see what appears after New Year.

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