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LG Monaco = LG IQ = LG eXpo

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The LG Monaco appears to be the first Snapdragon QWERTY device out any time soon, and now has more names than I've ever seen for the same phone!

AT&T announced the eXpo branded version coming on 7th of December (so the US might be graced with the Snapdragon power sooner than they though), with Telus selling it as the LG IQ.

On top of Snapdragon, it also features a pico-projecter and a fingerprint scanner. Clearly then, it's aiming for the business market.

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With the QWERTY keyboard it should bring Snapdragon to those who have held of the HD2 for its lack of keyboard.

PhoneScoop have published a full hands on here.Would you buy one instead of an HD2?

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Is it just me, or does winmo in that demo vid appear to be as slow as its always been?

Not sure...but i wouldnt take it over the HD2.

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