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auto re-install apps/backup?

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I was wondering if anyone knew of Android software to either auto install a pile of apps, or to backup the installers, or something along that line?

I have a Pulse, and there's a good amount of ROM dev happening, and it's great, but it seems often a wipe of the device is good, having already done a wipe and then download all the apps I could remember again, I was thinking it would be nice to have a store of them , so I didn't have to manually find them at the least.

It would be awesome to be able to back up some app settings too(K9 email accounts mostly, but that's not too much trouble to fix)

I've been making Nandroid backups when I've been playing so I can go back to were I was, so if there's an alternative that involves a partial restore of that or something if you could point me at instructions that would be great :D

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