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WiFi keeps getting deleted

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Hello, if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.....

So i downloaded ICSInstall.cab and WMWifiRouter.cab so i can tether to my computer w/o usb. It works great. The first time I downloaded it after a day i notcied my wifi wouldnt turn on, so i went to settings, wireless manager, and saw that wifi wasnt even listed! shocked.gif Only bluetooth and phone. So I had to to a hard reset but i dont have outlook so i couldnt sync my contact. had to do it all by hand angry.gif. After the hard reset I downloaded both the cab files again. I was able to connect and tether with no problem. The next day, no issue. Today however, the same problem has occured. I can still tether through usb which im doing right now. but my wifi is gone. i have to go to my parents house to sync my contacts and do it all over again. Any ideas? Thnx in advance.

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