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Alex (nedge2k)

Mixtikl v2.0 Unleashed!

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For those of you unaware, Mixtikl is the standard when it comes to mobile music creation...

Mixtikl v2 builds on the sucess of v1 and the original app, miniMIXA. At its core, Mixtikl is about creating music simply and quickly but v2 brings some interesting features to allow you to get a bit more, in depth.

Point in case, Network FX. Miktikl v2 allows you to create you own effects by combining and tweaking any of up to 50 pre-loaded effects. All the old favourites are there; reverb, overdrive, delay etc. but when you start tweaking and combining, they take on a whole new sound which you can save, export or even share!

I'm getting ahead of myself here, a lot of you may not have heard of Mixtikl or the original, miniMIXA. As you'll have gathered, you use it to make music...but how?[/teaser]

Well, the screen is dived up into four columns. Each column has a number of squares which you can then assign loops to. The four columns are played repeatedly, you can mute individual squares or entire rows, adjust key and tempo and add effects either globally or by row. All sounds a bit complicated but once you get into it, it really is a simple and enjoyable experience.

Where do the loops come from? Well, you can either choose from a selection of pre-loaded loops, purchase addition loop "paks" or create your own and save them for later use. Oh, did I mention that a number of Intermorphics own loops are generative? They evolve and change as you play them, you can have mixes that will literally never sound exectly the same twice. Cool, no?

Those of you already familiar with this software will already know all that, probably after having spent countless hours "in the zone" ;) So, what's new? Well, aside from the afore mentioned enhancements to the effects side...

Tikls! Tikls are, when you think about it, quite an amazing achievement. What the guys at Intermorphic have managed to do is compress an entire 12-track mix into a 140 character string. Why 140 characters? Twitter anyone? ;) You can create a mix and tweet it to the rest of the world. They'll hear it exactly as you intended! Impressive, no?

The colabrative features of Mixtikl really bring it up to date with the whole social networking scene. Imagine, you're on the train, get an idea, whip out your phone (easy tiger) and start mixing. Then, you tweet it or email it to a friend. It then gets fiddled with and sent back to you. Maybe it was improved upon, maybe it's worse, who knows but half the fun will be finding out, right? Hell, it might even turn into a bit of a game or competition between friends ;)

I could go on for quite some time about this app but if this is your thing, you don't need me to tell you about it, you need to go and experience it for yourself!

Mixtkl v2 is available NOW from Intermorphic. Usually it costs a very reasonable $9.99 but for a limited time you can get it for an incredible $4.99! Extra pak bundles can also be had for a mere $6.99 ($9.99 usually). For those of you who like to try before you buy, a trial version (which is literally hot off the compiler) is also available for both PocketPC and Smartphone (yes, I'm still calling them that!). Mixtikl v2 press release.

EDIT: Sorry for lack of pics, blame paul for breaking my uploader ;)

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remember this app years ago. can also remember a news item with kids making some beats in a hall.glad they still around as the technology was ahead of its time when it came out.

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