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Thanks to scrap2434 i was able to get hold of a liquid benchmark! Found some benchmarks for the motorola droid (milestone) and HTC droid eris from the link below, and put then together for comparison!


Thought people might be interested!


Total graphics score----------113.90----16.92-----17.768385

Draw opacity bitmap

(MPixels per sec) ------------56.26------5.05-----6.0341783

Draw transparent bitmap

(MPixels per sec) ------------13.40------5.30-----4.8336086

CPU Whetstone

Total CPU score ------------166.45-----410.22---392.3893

MWIPS DP (MWIPS(DP))------11.66------31.31-----27.314943

MWIPS SP (MWIPS(SP))------12.93 ------30.91-----33.025097

MFLOPS DP (MFLOPS(DP))----2.28-------3.73------3.431655

MFLOPS SP (MFLOPS(SP))----3.05-------4.89------5.2459188

VAX MIPS DP (VAXMIPS(DP))-7.85-------22.15-----19.83663

VAX MIPS SP (VAXMIPS(SP))-8.47-------20.99-----20.17170


Total memory score----------149.34----285.99----329.491

Copy memory (Mb/sec)-------135.70----259.88----299.40118


Total file system score-------36.25------70.36-----80.383064

Creating 1000 empty

files (sec)-------------------8.74-------6.26-------4.521

Deleting 1000 empty

files (sec)-------------------3.25-------4.47-------3.171

Write 1M into file


Read 1M from file


SD card perfomance

Creating 250 empty files


Deleting 250 empty files


Write 1M into file


Read 1M from file


Sorry for the bad formatting!

Guessing the SD card performance is subjective to the class of SD card though?

Also, the droid eris gets a better GPU performance as it has a smaller screen compared to the droid (approx same CPU/GPU i believe) so can get a higher fill rate.

Seems like the droid and liquid are closely matched. Each better in different areas.

Also, according to: http://www.greenecomputing.com/linpack.htm

Android 2.0 on the droid/milestone will have improved benchmarks. This leads me to conclude that the liquid could be better in all areas if it was upgraded to 2.0 ;)

Which you would hope given it has a snapdragon core!

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