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DOH! No lossless music codecs

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I just assumed that Android would support one lossless music code. DOH!

No Apple Lossless (not surprising I guess) and no FLAC (more surprising).

I've searched high and low and it seems like a fix has gone into Cyanogen's mod. I think it's this fix here:


I don't know much about Android development... Does this mean the code is in the main branch and will be in the next release?

Considering more that half my music (all ripped stuff, not the stuff bought online) is in lossless, I guess I won't be using my new phone as a music player :-(

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what I was wondering is... in the link above it says the changes are listed on "Gerrit"...

is that like the source control for Android or something?

does that mean it'll be in a (later than) 2.0 build?

can random people just submit stuff into the android code base?

I don't really know a lot about the way way android is developed

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