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Bluetooth Hands-Free help

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I have a Samsung Omnia 2, which I thinks is brilliant, however, I have a small problem with the bluetooth connection.

I have a bluetooth device in my car which plays music and transmits to FM, so can be used on the car radio. My idea is to be totolly hands free in the car, except maybe for a press of 1 button to make voice dialing possible.

It all seems to be working except that when get out of the car and the BT connection is lost between it and the phone, it also loses the setting for the Hands-Free option on the phone and I have to go and reset it, which is really annoying because it is a bit of a process and totally defeats the object of hands-free.

Is there software that can help or anyway this can be avoided? It seems you can only set it as hands free when it actually connected to the BT device.

Any help appreciated.


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What happens if you disable bluetooth before you exit your vehicle and when you come back and sit on your seat, enable bluetooth? Of course, the bluetooth hands-free must be powered on when enabling bluetooth.

Also, have you allowed the bluetooth hands-free to establish the connection to your device while pairing them?

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Hi there

I've not tried disabling the BT prior to exiting the vehicle as I was hoping not to have to touch the phone at all.

Yes I did set up hands-free mode while pairing, which is why I'd have thought that it would remember and do the same when connecting. I'll give it another go....

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