08/Mar - Superboot ERD79 -> GRI40 - rooting the Nexus One

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aryoxp    0

Hi Paul! Thanks for your good job, well done!

I successfully rooted for my Google Nexus One (Froyo 2.2 FRF91) by using your Superboot for FRF91.

Yes, it is required to unlock the bootloader first before I install superboot my Nexus.

This is what I did:

1. Download the superboot, because the files from mediafire link is corrupted everytime I download.

2. Extract all files in the superboot zip file to C:\1.1-FRF91-nexusone-superboot

3. Open the windows command prompt so I can see any messages shown when superbooting

4. Point the directory to C:\1.1-FRF91-nexusone-superboot

5. Connect the phone to USB and boot the Nexus One to bootloader mode (hold down the trackball and power button)

In this step, I do a simple check that the phone is detected by the fastboot by starting another command prompt like the following:

C:\>cd android-sdk-windows

C:\android-sdk-windows>cd tools

C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>fastboot devices

HT017******* fastboot


6. Back to the command prompt, type: install-superboot-windows.bat like below:


and then the following messages shown:

C:\1.1-FRF91-nexusone-superboot>fastboot-windows.exe boot boot.FRF91.superboot.img

downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY

booting... OKAY


7. My phone reboot automatically, and I noticed that it's installs Superuser Permissions application.

8. Done.

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Before you install any ROM, you should always check the md5sum to make sure the file was not corrupted. You can download an application for windows to check it here.

Mac here. (I'm a pc so I haven't tried this one. Shop around if you need to.)

Make sure you have the correct radio for Froyo based ROMs.

You can get the correct radio and a vanilla FRF91 and here (all of these have to be flashed in a specific order without rebooting so read the steps carefully)

Fastboot may be available soon, but I don't think that has anything to do with what is going on with your phone. It sounds like a bad .zip.

If you lose your recovery after you reboot, you will have to repeat the steps to to flash it in fastboot.

Keep trying, reading, and learning! Post your experiences (success or failures) for all to read and learn from. Good luck and have fun with it. :(

Just wanted to update everyone . . . . THIS WORKED PERFECTLY!!! THANK YOU! Now that the image installed correctly, my audio issue is also resolved. So now I have a rooted Nexus One with Froyo. Now that just rocks!!! Thank you!!!

Here is what I did:

1.) I downloaded three files as mentioned above:




2.) I booted my phone to recovery mode, and went to the [uSB-MS toggle] menu

3.) I copied the first file to the root of the SD Card, and renamed it to:

4.) I then went to the [Flash zip from sdcard] menu . . . and let it complete the install (this first file produced some errors which I ignored)

5.) I then went to the [uSB-MS toggle] menu

6.) I copied the second file to the root of the SD Card, and renamed it to:

7.) Repeat step 4 (no errors)

8.) I then went to the [uSB-MS toggle] menu

9.) I copied the third file (add-ons) to the SD Card, and renamed it to

10.) Repeat step 4 (no errors)

11.) I rebooted my phone, and all is well, on the right version.

Thanks again!!!

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McHale    0


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nate k    0

I'm having the same problem as a few of you had with the file being 600 bytes. When i try and unzip it i get an error. How do you get around or fix this? I'm on frf91 and have completed unlocking the bootloader. Thanks for the help in advance.

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I downloaded the mirror link for FRF91 (the first one appears to be broken) but I got a different MD5.. I got:

6dc34c3e94f52fdea73683d7f6d557eb instead of


Anyone know what's going on? Is something wrong with the FRF91 version?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this questions belongs here or somewhere else on the forum - so feel free to move it (I'm new here).

I have N1 FRF50 ... A while back when Froyo 2.2 came out I looked into rooting, did it using superboot I believe, and then uploaded a custom ROM for 2.2. Everything has worked great.

Now since mid-July I've been being harassed by my N1 to install an OTA update. I tell it to restart and install, and it only restarts to the superboot screen (Black with green text). So I tell it to reboot and then I'm usually good for a few days until the update pops up again. I'd like to install this official update, is there anyway to do this? I don't really have a need to have the phone rooted (I don't think). I do not run any special apps, at one point I needed to use an AT&T sim in it, so I unlocked.

Any help would be appreciated. If I try to install any "official" updates from online using superboot I get an error saying the signature is incorrect or failed.


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Minsu    0


Superboot for FRF91 (MediaFire Pro) ---> File corrupted... I can't extract..

(ROMraid / CoBlitz) Not load the page... (I just downloaded on this link, but just take me about 5 minutes to load the page)

Thanks a lotttttttt :) in installing all right now...

Edited by Minsu

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dommen    0


I'm in desperate need of FRF91's Superboot, but the mediafire link is corrupted (shows only 692 B as it was mentioned) and the other one just redirects to Could anyone upload FRF91's superboot or post a working download link?

Thanks in advance. :huh:

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Jerry JyN    0

The question is :

"Is Superboot technically possible on Android 2.2.1 releases ?"

I'd love it for FRG83 !

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Koomikko    0

the Superboot for FRF91 dont work with sLCD Nexus > Black screen :P

I just rooted two phones, and got also black screen after the phone booted. Then, I

just physically removed battery and restarted, and it all worked smoothly and the

phones are now rooted. So, do not panic if you see a black screen.

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Koomikko    0
just hanging on waiting for device, any help

Try unlocking the bootlader following the instructions in the other pinned topic,

this helps to ger rid of these "ERROR: could not clear input pipe; result -536870163< waiting for device >"


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