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[TUT] Dump using WinHex

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Dump using WinHex

Hi all.

As the other topic's are not clear for new users, here's a new guide using screenshots :)

If you got questions you can always reply on this thread.

Step 1: Download & Install WinHex.

I suppose you know how to download & install. You can find WinHex over here.

Step 2: Switching to 'My Storage'.

We need to set the device to use the internal storage when connecting to a computer.

On your device, go to: 'Settings > General Settings > USB-connection' and set 'Mass Storage' to 'My Storage'.

Next, connect the phone to the PC. You will now see a new disk at 'My Computer'.

We cannot access the hidden partition this way, so we need WinHex to do so.

Step 3: Grabbing the MLI file from the hidden partition using WinHex.

First, we need to open up 'WinHex'. I used version 11 for this.

WinHex opens up the following screen (image 1)


Image 1

Next, we need to search for the hidden partition. We can do so by opening 'Tools > Open Disk..'. (image 2)


Image 2

The following window opens up. (image 3)


Image 3

Looking to the image, for me I choose 'Removable Medium 1 (1.9GB, USB)', and click 'OK'.

We now see the following screen. (image 4)


Image 4

We need to mount the partition, we can do so by double-clicking the 512MB partition (Partition 2).

The following screen will come up. (image 5)


Image 5

All that is left is to 'download' the LOUVRE.MLI from the phone. We can do so by right-clicking 'LOUVRE.MLI', and selecting 'Recover/Copy...'

Choose the location on where to save the file, and wait until the downloading is finished.

Hope this helped you out! ;)

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I have followed all the steps. i have a few questions.

How do i convert the MLI and use it for restoration?

Does the MLI have all the necessary files for restoration such as eb0, csc, bin and nb0?

some addtnl info would be more useful?

Thank you

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Got stuck for half an hour on this. For other newbies, you might only see a page of hex (numbers & letters up to "h").

Go into the view menu > show and ensure that directory browser is ticked.

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