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Problem with setting wallpaper

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Well, Before I can set a full wallpaper that scrolled between homescreens...

Yesterday I downloaded OPEN HOME... not sure if that effected it or what, but now when I try to set a wallpaper... its long and vertical and doesn't scroll with screens... its a stationary wallpaper... Any pic I set does this except for the pre set wallpapers on the phone... BTW using the Samsung MOMENT.


ok sorta got it working... if I go into Gallery holding phone horizontal and then set wallpaper I can set it the way I want... sorta. It still gives me a rectangle shape crop box and the wallpaper sets with black all around it (like on a comp if you set a smaller res pic as your desktop and center the image). What happened... yesterday I was able to crop things and have it fill the entire background and it looked great... ~_~

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