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Mike Beecham

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Whilst I know that there is no 'best' response to a question like, I thought I would get some feedback from users as to what they feel is the best podcast app and why...I'm looking into getting a decent one and I wanted some thoughts.

As far as I can see, some of the main players are:






Google listen

I've tried Beyondpod so far, and I like it in once sense...that it gets me what I want. It's not that pretty to look at right now though.

Over to you guys...

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Well I'm a big podcast fan so thought I'd chime in I've used all these Alps and I've got a couple of comments on each.

Beyondpod - Number 2 to Doggcatcher. Pretty good but can feel a bit messy at times. Overall a decent package.

Mediafly - One to keep an eye on not great at the minute. Its slightly buggy but good developers behind it.

Doggcatcher - Best out of all. Expensive at 6.99 but worth it. Very stable and feature complete my permanent podcatcher now.

Acast (see below)

Acast2 - Acast2 no longer exists. Dev has updated them to AcastC (compact) and Acast3. Both free (ad supported) versions are out. Both are mediocre AcastC paid is OK. Not any good for android 2.x has issues updating.

Google listen - to basic lacking decent subscription bits. Be interesting to see where Google take it.



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