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Asian Language Support

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Hi, I currently have a Samsung Omnia 1 and I feel I've outgrown it in terms of screen size, processor speed and available apps. So I'm thinking of defecting to Android and the phone at appeals most to me is the Milestone (and potentially the SE X10). But there is one issue I would like some more information on as it is a deal breaker for me: Asian language support. From what I understand, Android phones can display Japanese characters out of the box, so I wouldn't have to use up valuable memory space for additional software, like on WinMo, and Japanese IME can de downloaded from the Android Market (Simeji?). My question: is this true for all Android phones, i.e. can a UK Milestone (or can it be made to) display Japanese websites and send/receive SMS/MMS/emails in Japanese? Or do some manufacturers impose limitations? Any information on this would be very much appreciated. Many thanks!

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