It's done - Android 2.0.1 (rooted)

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ratcom    0

forget it I feel like a fool B) I was not pressing power + volume up + camera to start my milestone :)

Next time I'll read the Bl**dy instructions lol

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iamdarren    0

has anyone done root on 2.0.1 with a UK milestone and also on t-mobile? just wondering if i will be able to get a signal still on the network and also if the keyboard with screw up?


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razielu    0

Worked for me! Awesome find! Thanks! Now if we could just get that overclock kernel going on our Milestones, it would be heaven on Earth. :D

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Its working ok, even thought I should have waited for a Latin America (Brazil) 2.0.1 update.

I can make and receive calls with my current carrier (Oi), wich was my main concern, regarding its a Hong Kong 2.0.1 firmware (am I right?)

Only problem i've noticed so far is aGPS. With Google Latitude, aGPS puts me somewhere in Denmark / Norge / Sverige (North Europe), even though I'm in Brazil. Something to do with cell towers database?

When i turn on GPS, tho, i get pinpoint position right where it should be on the map display, but Latitude keeps updating my location wrong.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

Besides that, 2.0.1 is running great on my Milestone! Thanks for sharing!

Update: After a soft reset, aGPS localization is working fine now!

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BigBearMDC    3
Can anyone translate this German post, I think they have found how to R00t the 2.0.1 OTA updated phones.


"The Motorola Milestone Update 2.0.1 is available via internet and can be installed on your (german) phone. The best thing: Our rooted Update.zip works!

A note before you start:

You need some files on your Windows PC to flash RSD Lite.

* RDSLite_4.5.3.zip

* SBF File: necessary to flash 2.0.1 with RSD

* the motorolla drivers need to be installed for the phone to get recongized

* all files are still on your phone even after flashing

* Root has to be reinstalled after flashing

What you have to do:

* install and start RSD Lite

* Power off the Milestone, connect it to USB and boot it in Bootloader Mode (DPad up + Power)

* the Milestone should now get recognized in RSD. Choose your device, choose the unpacked SBF file and click "start"

* The phone will reboot 2 times. The second boot will take longer than the usual boot process does. Once the Enter PIN screen appears you can disconnect your phone and close RSD Lite.





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