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HTC Pure questions?

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Hello all, recently broke my Samsung Jack and thought I would give the HTC Pure a try because of the price and hardware. Quite impressed with the Pure, but I was wondering what video formats Windows Mobile 10.3 will play and if there is a program that will run on the Pure that will play .AVI files. I also cant figure out a way to stretch the video image on the screen to take up the whole screen even when full screen mode is on. Its very annoying my friends Samsung Solstice can do it so I was wondering why Windows Mobile 6.5 can't... Also when I turn Data off it automatically turns back on when I try to get to the internet which becomes quite costly because I only want to use WIFI, but WIFI will automatically turn off if not in constant use then bam data plan takes over and I dont even know it. I have a small data plan and only hook up to the internet when there is WIFI around.


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