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Smartphone readable public view of Google calendar?

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Does anyone know how to make a Google calendar easily readable by several smartphone users?

I belong to a group that wants to use this as a way to publish events to members, who are mostly very non-technical.

Google calendar has various options for making personal calendars public, for embedding calendars into web pages, or making them available at a urls (either xml, ical or html) - but non of these are generally smartphone friendly, as far as I've been able to test. For example the embedded calendar uses javascript, so doesn't function in older smartphones. I was hoping that for the html url approach Google would be smarter and would render a device specific and friendly page, but accessing this on my old SPV C600 (the one with the MoDaCo dude on the back, yeah: post-14057-1267393532_thumb.jpg ) showed a degenerate page.

To be clear, I'm not talking about sync, since we don't want members to edit entries, and many probably haven't even set up outlook calendars for themselves anyway.

Ideally I'm hoping for some basic html solution - i.e. a url that would work ok in their phones browser - maybe I've overlooked something simple?

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