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thekevster    1
Hi Kevin,

So I had a question about your two base ROMs that you have here. What exactly is the main differences between 28223 and 23541 (besides it being a different com)?

You mentioned 28223 not having threaded email. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's where emails are nested as they are received, correct? What about texts? Personally, the threaded texts drive me up the wall and one of the first thing I usually install is Modaco's OmniaThread to get rid of that. Somewhere you also mentioned that you were having issues with MMS in 28223 and were going to post a new version. Did you ever figure out the problem? I didn't see a new ROM based on that build posted.

Do these bases come with Titanium, or is it just the Start screen?

Totally unrelated question. I've downloaded and installed Vistang's Kitchen, but was wondering where do I get the base ROM files to seed the kitchen with?



28223 was one of my earlier ROMS before i really started to fix all the bugs and everything. not much difference other than the different COM. major differences are the differences between COM builds.

there is no threaded email in 28223, it is a feature of the COM 5 235XX builds. threaded texts can be easily turned off in the Base ROMS by going to start -> settings -> system -> Text Message and changing conversation mode to "Off"

MMS is fixed in 23541. i found the 23541 build to be significantly stabler and faster than the 28223 build so i didnt bother updating 28223 with the MMS fix.

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robertjm    0

Thanks for the follow-up. Did have one question.

I ended up flashing v28223 at first, but then switched over to v23541. Seems like it was a lot faster, though that could be my imagination.

One thing that's a problem is that I installed the PhatPhingers dialer and now the green SEND button (hard button) is not working on my Omnia i910.

Any idea on how to fix that? I think you cooked that into your Titanium ROM, if memory strikes me. Did you have to make a change after installing it?



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Xionz    0

I reaaly like this flash for sch i910, only problem I have with it is wifi was disabled, when I'm home I only use wifi and when I'm traveling and now its gone. :rolleyes:

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stevfuri    0

Just tried flashing this and I'm getting a Windows Logo on an Orange / Yellow background. No start menu or anything

Any ideas why that might happen?

Seems to have started working now, might have just needed a minute to initialize.

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