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Game emulators for Hermes 100...need some help!

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Hello there!

I have a HTC Hermes 100 with WM6. I wanted to use an emulator for playing Sega Mega Drive games in it. The problems are these:

  • With GenPP, sound suffers from lag, breaks and image frame rate is rather slow.
  • I can't get PicoDrive to work.
  • In general software, but especially with emulators, i can't map keyboard keys, only face and side keys...

I will write what it does appear. I'm portuguese so the phone is in portuguese and so is the error:

Não é possivel abrir o ficheiro PicoDrive.exe. Ou não está assinado com um certificado fidedigno ou não é possível encontrar um dos respectivos componentes. Se o problema persistir, tente reinstalar ou restaurar este ficheiro.

Which I already did.

So about GenPP, is it really about my phone being old (altough only 3 years or something) or am I experiencing an error or bug?

Best wishes.

EDIT: Ok, no Portuguese here. Let me just translate that error:

It isn't possible to open the file PicoDrive.exe. Either it isn't digitally signed with a valid certificate or it's not possible to find one ofo it's respective components. If the problem persists..."

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