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Replace Hero with Desire or Legend?

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I'm in a quandary and hoping for a little opinion sharing.

Thanks to the TSA and their "We aren't responsible for anything" policy, combined with a slightly clumsy officer and my GSM Hero took a bouncer across the security area.

No physical damage visible, but the screen has gone wonky and the whole thing is now unusable except as a basic cell phone.

So - time to replace.

I'm sticking with Android, but I'm having difficulty deciding if the benefits of waiting for the EU release of the Desire and Legend are worth waiting for the end of March /early April when I can buy one from an importer (I'm in the US), or if I should go ahead and grab a Nexus.

I'm hoping to glean a few thoughts, opinions (and most likely a few flames) by asking this and use those to either get myself off the dime and buy the Nexus, or strengthen my resolve to wait...


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