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Request for App recommendations

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So I've had my Omnia for a while now, and so far I have the following installed:

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Flashed to Unlock GPS

SPB Mobile Shell

SPB Weather

Max Image World Sudoku Party

Astraware Bejeweled 2

Google YouTube

Microsoft .NET CF 2.0

Networks In Motion VZ Navigator

Efficasoft GPS Utilities

Here is the types of apps I'm looking for. Hoping someone can help make some recommendations for me because it seems like no matter what I search for I just can't seem to find the right solutions for me.

1) A good cleanup tool. I've already had memory messages, and I am a complete Newbie with Windows Mobile. What I want to be able to do is move files to best manage memory, delete unused files, duplicate files, caches, etc. I'm so afraid of deleting anything that I don't know what it is because I don't want to brick the phone!

2) GPS - Looking for a good turn by turn so I can stop paying for VZ Navigator. Looking to save money here, so I don't want something that's going to cost a fortune. I tried AmazeGPS, and that worked but the maps on it were incomplete. I tested it on a trip from PA to IL and it wanted to redirect us a half hour out of the way because one of the roads on it's map just stopped! The Efficasoft I tried I cannot get to work and apparently comes with no maps whatsoever. It actually wants you to create your own. What a waste of $22 there!

3) Internet Radio - I currently use Pandora on my pc. Tried like crazy to get it to work on my phone, but I can't get the C++ error to go away and it never works. Is there a free alternative that has basically the same functionality? I looked into last.fm, but all I see is Scrobbler stuff. I don't even know what a Scrobbler is!

4) Other Apps - If there are any other apps you absolutely can't live without, please let me know! Looking for new ideas to get the most out of my phone!

Additionally, here are some other issues I have with my Omnia that maybe someone on here can help with:

5) Alarm Clock - My alarm only gives a few options for sounds, none of which last long enough to actually wake me up. I can't use any of my ringtones or anything so it's basically useless right now.

6) Tethering - Is there a way around the $30 a month that Verizon wants to charge me for 5GB? I already pay them for the SmartPhone Data/Email Plan. I just find another $30 a month a ridiculous price to pay for something I'd probably only use occassionally.

Lastly, I want to apologize. Usually posts like this get slammed by board users because the questions were answered in previous posts. I've searched this forum and haven't located the answers to any of my questions, so if they are already here, I apologize in advance. Please don't yell at me! With so many experts here I was hoping one person could answer my questions with maybe a few others adding in some extra points. Thanks in advance!

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I think I can help.

For the alarm I recomend G-Alarm at http://bit.ly/9afzu1

For Streaming music/Video I recomend Kinoma play at http://bit.ly/bkPmei I even use it as my main music player It even has facebook, and twitter support and much more.

For the ram issue I recommend Clean Ram at http://bit.ly/cSGCC1

Other got to have apps for me

Everenote at http://bit.ly/9GGtxx Note taking app syncswith pc

Freda Free ebook reader http://bit.ly/dgZyGw

MyMobiler see your windows mobile screen on your pc at http://bit.ly/d3QDs6

A good media player if you don't want to pay for Kinoma is Nitrogen Player at http://bit.ly/crKZsA

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Here are some suggestions on apps I've installed. Perhaps you'll find them useful.

Spb Radio - I highly recommend SPB Radio for internet radio. While I haven't played around with it a lot, it seemed simple to use and was pretty inexpensive. Not sure it supports all streaming formats is the only possible downfall. Also, this is radio in the sense of the traditional word (i.e.: KCBS, KGO, etc.) along with other stations. I'm not sure if it will do stuff like Pandora, last.fm, etc., but they have their own applets anyways. They also have a streaming TV version too. ($9.99 each)

Spb Screenshot - One of the few free programs from Spb. LOL! Everyone should have a screen shot program so they can illustrate error msgs that pop up. Sometimes a wonky to use, but that might just be me. (free)

EveryWAN Remote Personal Edition - Someone had mentioned My Mobiler earlier. This uses the same principle, though it seems to have more controls. Believe me, everyone NEEDS one of these programs. I busted the screen on my Omnia and so this was the only way I could use my phone. (Can't push buttons if your screen is busted and can't see them anyways). Do yourself a favor and install this IMMEDIATELY. It will install a driver on your phone. I played fitz installing it after my phone's screen was busted. (free)

Cool Apps - This gives you a Windows XP-like applet that pops up offering you buttons for Light Off, Shut Down and Soft Reset. In WM6.1 Soft Reset was buried so I've really been using this anytime I need to. (free)

PHM RegEdit - Sooner or later you may have to edit your registry. This tool makes it easy to not only navigate Window's rats nest better known as the registry, but also to easily make changes to entries. (free)

OmniaThread - Do you like the good ol' days when you could view your SMS msgs un-nested? I sure do. With this program you have the choice of doing so at the flick of a button. (free)

Pocket e-Sword - If you are religious, and/or want to have a Holy Bible always at hand, this is THE bible program to install. Many different modules available. Also, books and concordences. AND if you care to, you could write modules of your own with the info on proper formatting. I found out tonight that Pocket e-sword development has ceased as of 12/09. Sad to see. It is still available for download, however, most recent versions had font rendering issues. Not sure what a suitable replacement will be. <_< (free)

TinyTwitter - Mobile tweeting application. Easy to use, but kind of clunky. Am open to other suggestions. (free)

QIK - Streaming video social application! It actually streams LIVE stuff. Quality is pretty good for stuff that I've shot on my Omnia, but I suspect it will eat battery life fairly quickly if you used it constantly. (free)

Microsoft My Phone - This is an online service from MSFT which backs up all text msgs and contacts to their server. You set it up to dial at some obscure time of the night and then that's it! Makes it totally painless when going to a clean phone. Yes, you're sending your info to MSFT so you have to take that for what it's worth. (currently free)

RateOn - Do you enjoy a good beer? This is a program that allows you to access the LARGEST beer rating database on the web, ratebeer.com. Even if you're not going to actively rate stuff, it offers a pretty good lookup feature, though you do have to open a ratebeer account to use it, which is free. Relatively new program so he's working on improving it ($19.99)

Anyways, those are the things that I use. I'm sure there are other programs that will be equally as nice.

I'd also highly suggest going ahead and flashing your phone again to v6.5 with one of the custom ROMS around here. When I recently got my replacement Omnia through Asurion I decided to take the plunge since I was starting with a clean slate.

If you follow instructions carefully, its relatively painless, and the WM6.5 menu runs circles around the Samsung widgets by a mile, not to mention it seems loads faster. Just make sure you hold the CF03 ROM from Verizon you used earlier in case you have to ever send it back for some reason. I'm using WoZZer's 6.5 build-23518 stock Rom v2 which was posted by lioryte here on Modaco. It's supposed to even include the Samsung widgets, though I'm not exactly sure how to turn them on because they didn't come up by default. (After using the WM6.5 menus for a couple of days I'm missing them less and less!). Just remember that if you do decide to flash a new ROM all data and installed programs you currently have installed will disappear!!

(NOTE: There is apparently an expiration time bomb in the above-mentioned custom ROM which will have WM6.5 expire as of 5/1/10. Unless that is fixed you might want to look elsewhere to avoid flashing your ROM now and then at the end of the month).

Good luck!


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You might want to check out OmniaRom.com. There is a good section that includes .cab files and comments on useful applications. A password application like eWallet is a must. 'Contacts Search' is helpful if you have a large contact directory. The list goes on and on....

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a brief history of myself - got the omnia 2 days after it was 1st released in 2008, after not being able to get a storm(thankfully). Bought SPB a month later after growing tired of the samsung widgets. My first flash was in April of 2009 and have flashed about 100 times to different cooked roms since. Currently I am using Lioryte base rom 23102 found hereLioryte ROMS It is a 6.5.3 ROM with 170mb of free device memory(about 100mb more than the stock Omnia ROM with all of Verizons crap) It also has a tethering app built in (no charge). His thread also has a ton of different apps for the omnia.

Since you are using SPB, lets start there. Make sure you are using SPB 3.5.3 they have made a bunch of improvements

Next I suggest Vostradamus Widgets

and a theme likeSense 3.5

all of this and more can be found hereSPB Tips and tricks

Next lets get you a great lock screen


ac also makes S2P and S2V a music player and picture viewer

a pretty good alarm

Touch alarm

and another

Spoon Tools

for finding stuff near you


the best, lightest browser

Opera Mini 5

so start with that and see how far you get, if you have any problems send me a pm

good luck

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Here goes my share!!!

1-) Clear Temp. its free

2-) copilot live 8 suppose to work with Omnia i910 and i900 (Haven tested tho cuz I am paying for it.)

3-) Depends on what you like Resco Pocket Radio work with the omnia i Have tested it before but I don't like it..

4-) App that i have running on my omni i910 are:

Clear Ram | Resco file explorer | Clear Temp | Microsoft My Phone | xtreme Tweaks | Foxit Reader | WinMoTranslater | Nitrogen | Mem Maid | Regedit | Spb Mobile shell 3.5 | Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 | Poser SMS | Omniano | Wake up on SMS | Google Maps | Shazam | Torch buttom | SimpL | Pocket RAR | Mobile Sense | Mobile Pad | Resco Task Manager | PsShutXp | Spam alert Ex 2.2 | INternet Sharing | Thumbcal v0.5.1 |

5-) I know there are some Alarm apps but cant remember any since I dont use any but the one that comes with the phone...

6-) I would recommend WM WIfi router you can use the .91 version which is free and but in order to make it work with the Omnia i910 you must have internet sharing installed otherwise it wont work...

Well I just wanted to share what I am running on my phone almost all the apps that I have installed are stored on my storage card as Portable apps and a few are installed in my storage.

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GPS Toggle - Great for i910 because you can activate GPS via today screen and it narrows your GPS signal to 50 ft.

Last.fm Pocket Scrobbler - Only downside is you need a subscription to listen on it

Microsoft Marketplace

Jblend - For Java apps

IMDB Mobile - I got it off Freeware Pocket PC

Opera Mobile 10 - the only downside is all sites render regularly so if you want to load a mobile version of the site it can be difficult.

QuickMark - Barcode reader

SKTSSync - Time sync. My phone doesn't like the time changes so this helps. It's only a click and your time is updated

Skyfire - best browser for Flash

Skype - a little troublesome because of how the sound output is handled but it works

Shopping List Mobile - I use it every time I get groceries. Make a list and you only have to check/uncheck when you need and get items.

SPB Suite - I love the Weather/Traveler as well as the actual SPB app. It adds so much more functionality to a boring start area.

Tipster - Handy when going out. I like how you can do split bill calculations

Twitula - Great Twitter app

WinMoSquare - Alpha stage of Foursquare for Mobile. It works great so far.

I've also got the patch dialer to keep the phone pad unlocked during calls.

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Hi, nice lists!

Is there any other winmo app for check-ins like winmosquare?

Foursquare is blocked in China, I'm looking for alternative that runs just like winmosquare, not from browser but standalone app.

TNX a lot.

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pandora definitely works for the omnia, just gotta get your hand on the right copy. i found mine somewhere in these modaco walls.

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Good luck!!

I could be wrong, but WinMoSquare is the first Windows Mobile-based "check-in" app that I have found on the web. All the companies (FourSquare, Gowalla, etc.) seem to have bypassed all us WM users and developed for iPhone, Android, Symbian and WebOS instead.

If you ever find anything please let us know. BTW: You're not missing a lot with WinMoSquare not working. It crashes on my about 5 out of every 6 times I try and use it, and it doesn't talk with my GPS all the time. Today it offered me the chance to check in, in GAZA!!! Only problem is that I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Hi, nice lists!

Is there any other winmo app for check-ins like winmosquare?

Foursquare is blocked in China, I'm looking for alternative that runs just like winmosquare, not from browser but standalone app.

TNX a lot.

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