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Open cab and edit mscr

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I have a nice theme that only has french as language for the settings and editor. I have opened the .cab and can find the french text in the appropriate mscr files. If I find the french text and just type english in the mscr that is opened in notepad, will it work for me as simple as that is?

For example, in case 1 I changed "Modifier la note acuelle" to "EDIT" and in case 2 I changed "Écrire une nouvelle note" to "NEW". If I change these same text throughout the mscr and save, will this take effect on my phone and still work?

If not, please direct me to a thread that will show me how. I am new by the way. TIA

# Num_Step 1

Sub ListChoix

	NoteActuelle = RegRead( "HKLM", NoteReg , "Text" )

	Choice( Title , "Note actuelle complète:^NL^" & NoteActuelle , "Modifier la note acuelle" , "Écrire une nouvelle note" )

	  Case ( 0 )

		Run_Loop = FALSE

	Case ( 1 )

		NoteNext = Input( "Edit:" , Title , 0 , 0 , NoteActuelle )

		Num_Step = 2

	Case ( 2 )

		NoteNext = Input( "New:" , Title , 0 , 0 ,   )

		Num_Step = 2


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