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Which phone for about 250eur ?

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My old Nokia N80 has died ;) and I'd like to replace it. I'm really not bothered about design, but I'd like to have wifi and GPS included. I'd also like to have the opportunity to configure / synchronize a lot the mobile phone with my computer. I like to try out many different softwares and I do some programming too at times, so it's also important for me to have this kind of freedom for the phone (phones that can't be unlocked and on whose we can only use the manufacturers' softwares wouldn't be my first choices).

Then for the rest, as I'm not really up-to-date anymore concerning the mobile phones news, I can't really say anything but I'll be reading your advice :).

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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what input do you prefer? Touchscreen, qwerty or 12-key alphanumeric?


For that amount I can think of E72 (or 71 if you need imap idle!) or 5800. The best option would be n97 IMHO, but no idea if it fits into the budget.

Still I'm sure you know nokia phones better than me and can choose from them in case you want to stay on Symbian. The new C6 (slider in n97-style) has just popped up in the net-might be in that price range, but it's still N/A

P.S. I'd stay away from android for now

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