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question about hard reset involving registered applications

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i somehow screwed up my ringtones on my htc snap and now itll only recognize .wav files. cant go into my alarm program or into the sounds option in settings. im thinking that i have to do a hard reset but before i do i have a question. i only have 1 registered application (smartgear) and if i perform a hard reset do i have to reregister it or just reinstall? all my apps are backed up onto a memory card. any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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If the application requires a registration code to be entered you will just need to reinstall the app and enter the code.

Some applications may require you to re-register/or reapply for an activation code, CoPilot used to be like this.

Smartgear I have not used but it will probably only require you to re-enter the code I presume you were given at time of purchase, unless there was no registration process?

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