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25/Mar - CyanogenMod-5 for Droid (by Koush) online kitchen

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Following on from my Hero, Pulse and stock Nexus One kitchens and most importantly with the permission of cyanogen / koush, i'm pleased to present a 'MoDaCo online kitchen' version of Cyanogen's v5.0.5.3 ROM, ported to the Motorola Droid by Koush. NOTE: This is NOT for the Motorola Milestone.

Note: As with all of the kitchens, this online kitchen is currently only available to my MoDaCo premium members (those who have signed up to MoDaCo Ad Free or MoDaCo Plus - details on Plus package here) as it is not yet running on an infrastructure that can support a huge number of users. I don't collect donations - signing up for a MoDaCo premium membership supports future development in many areas and gives you access to great services now and exciting developments in the future!

Update: two kitchen baked ROMs are now available for ANYONE to download! Sample the kitchen's delights for yourself! ;)
  • Base configuration (standard CyanogenMod with Google bits) - DOWNLOAD (Mediafire Pro) - MD5: 4222eeceaefec955385b70ef2eaa185f
  • Base configuration (standard CyanogenMod with Google bits) with MoDaCo additions (see kitchen for details) - DOWNLOAD (Mediafire Pro) - MD5: 7eb1ce8b21d4445a71a20caaeb2c6a58

Enjoy! :)


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So what are the Modaco additions?

I've been loving Cyanogen Mod thus far, absolutely awesome. :P

Only complaint with Cyanogen Mod on the Droid thus far:

Still have the 50% Cell Standby issue after a fresh boot, loss of signal, but the previously reported fix of airplane mode for 30 seconds does indeed correct the problem, until a fresh boot at least.

So if anyone has any ideas for that, please bake them into your roms. :( It definitely doesn't seem to hit every Cyan user, which is odd.

But as a base Cyanogen user, I am definitely interested in which people will bring to the table since a kitchen is available. Been looking into JRummy's remix, haven't made the decision just yet because my stability has just been so awesome that I just don't want to touch anything yet.

My main point of interest at the moment, is what exactly this first baked Rom has included in it that the base mod does not?

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Paul, any hope of getting this updated for new releases?? Im willing to help maintain the online kitchen for this rom if you need help / can tell me what to do :P

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