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Tattoo Ink vs Hero Screen input

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I have been using a Hero for a while now and quite like it, the Sensui input is fine, I can swipe left & right, up, down etc no problems

I have just got a Tattoo for my little'un but I REALLY don't like this screen.

In order to swipe left/right I have to push down quite firmly on the screen for it to work, same for up/down scrolling. This means I keep opening apps which happen to be under the place I touch to scroll it.

Is this normal??

I have spent the best part of an hour on the phone to Orange to try to resolve this. Orange are adamant they have to send diagnostic tests etc to the phone to see if it is defective.

I have tried to convince them the phone itself is fine, I have no doubts as to it's functionality, it is just the interface between my finger and the screen.

There is simply no comparison to the Hero screen.

I have only had the Tatto a couple of days, do I simply reject the phone and try again to get one, or is the Tatto screen supposed to be like this??


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Ahh, thanks

So in my simplistic mind, the Capacitive screen needs to build up some kind of charge before it will work (hence the delay)

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