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Bluetooth arrgh

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Purchased an unopened Desire from a very highly rated Ebayer, its is locked to T-mobile and I am awaiting an unlock code so I can use my vodafone sim and also expecting a much larger microsd card than the 4gb supplied.

In the meantime I've been setting up the phone, stunning screen and speed BUT......and this is a killer .... as I need to use it in the car.....and in work with Jabra stone headset....

but whatever I do I can not get the damned phone to pair via bluetooth.

scanning for devices works, and the phone is visible to other bluetooth devise....it seems like its working ....sometimes messages pop up on the phone regards accepting the same pairing code....

...however every time a select a device to pair to the phone just sticks in "pairing" mode.

I searched t'interweb and to my horror read of people having units replaced by T-mobile for dodgy bluetooth antenas....

I noticed that HTC pushed out a firmware update yesterday but my phone is not picking up the update via wi-fi.

can anyone help me or at least reassure me that a firmware update might fix my problem



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I wouldn't have thought a firmware update would help, if all devices had the issue, yeah firmware might help, but just one or two points towards hardware faults I would have thought...

Good luck.

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