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Sim unlock on Orange / App registration

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I've just upgraded my Tytn II to an HD2 :P

This means I needed to

a ) Do something with my old phone

b ) Get replacements for my old apps that don't work any more.


I have a buyer for the old phone at my work, and all I need to do is unlock it. I'd rather do it that way than try and sell it unlocked on eBay and weed through people who want pay improbably large amounts and send you a cheque for too much from Nigeria. I've learnt that trying to sell a phone on eBay aint fun.

There are two options for unlocking - ask Orange and give them some money - or look at XDA Devs and don't hand over money. Now I have Vista (added hassle) and the wrong ROM version (more added hassle), and value my time, so I thought I'd just give Orange some money.

So I phoned Orange to ask for the unlock code. As we all know, that involved a minute of listening to stuff before they decide whether to let you queue or tell you to call back. Third time lucky, and got told I need to go to a shop. Went to a shop. Got told to phone. Phoned. Got told to go to a shop. Tried another shop. Got told to phone. Got back home and byt he time I phone they are now closed.

I'd have been better downgrading the ROM, rolling back the Vista drivers and being patient with the XDA Devs stuff. As well as cheaper, it would also have been quicker and easier.

b )

I bought a nice new programme from Handango. I could have got a naughty version, but I'd have no excuse and value people that write good software that's reasonably priced and that I can afford.

Wouldn't register. Three rounds of e-mails to Handango; got told it was a device problem and to contact HTC.

Obviously I cannot confirm whether or not a naughty version works because I'd never touch such a thing, but what I can confirm is that I have paid for software and I now have a working version of the same software functionally the same as what I paid for bar in that it has no registration requirement, so I am now happy (apart from the three days of hassle and waiting). However I suspect other people have achieved the same result with the same bit of software I now have with less outlay of £ and while receiving better customer service.

Surely something isn't right?

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I would contact the developer af the software drectly regarding the registration issue, Handango are a terrible company for customers and especially developers due to their fees. One reason why I have not used them since about 2003.

Most apps and games can be bought from other retailers online.

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