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Restoring Google apps on custom rooted MILESTONE 2.1 ROM

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Hi there,

I flashed a rooted 2.1 ROM (nandroid backup) onto my MILESTONE and everything works great, except that the stock google apps are gone - I particularly like gmail.app, and I just want it specifically working. I have both a nandroid backup of my old 2.0 system and a 2.1 system with the google apps (non-rooted) to work with.

The ROM I flashed has a bunch of things enabled but has the google apps removed. I've tried copying the .apk for gmail and gmail data storage (both from 2.0 rooted nandroid and 2.1 non-rooted nandroid) and installing them on the device, but gmail.apk crashes out, and from what i can gather this is due to it not having the proper root privileges and as such not being able to get at a couple of core internal services.

Could someone point out how I can restore these apps from the 2.1 nandroid backup? Is it as simple as installing the APK with root privileges? How do I do that?

My searches have proven fruitless.



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