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When will the desire come to scandinavia?

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When will the desire come to Scandinavia?

Most of the Norwegian Online Stores say 14th April, what about Denmark and Sweden?

It's available in Finland at least. You can buy unlocked phone 485€ from various places.

Just bought mine Thursday.

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Surprised this forum isn't more active given Paul's success with rooting, but maybe people are waiting until he's back.

Anyway, in Sweden there are rumours of a joint release this Wednesday 14 April. For my part, however, I had ordered with Inwarehouse here and got a confirmed date of 17 April. Not wanting to wait another week and weekend, I put in an order with Expansys, which was supposed to go out Friday, but looks like it will be on its way tomorrow (Monday).

Oh well. Anyone know in real terms if there are any differences in the EU and the Nordic version aside from the menu languages? I've read on xda that the Nordic languages are already included in the input on T9, which is all I really need.

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