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Easiest way to create .reg keys for Sashimi??

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Hi all,

I'm setting up my Sashimi 8.0 so I can reflash my phone. So far I've set up the .cab files as necessary. However, I need to create the .reg files so I don't have to set the programs up again.

Here's where I'm kind of stuck. I use PHM Registry Editor v.70, but it looks like you have to find every key and export that separately and then past them all back in one document to use it. So I'm looking for an easier way to do the job.

One thing I thought about was working with a full registry backup and then cut/paste out what I need and save that to a new program. But that seems like a pain!

Is there a registry editor, ideally freeware, which I can specify a keyword and it will churn through the file and extract all registry entries for that particular program?



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