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SMS messages being assigned random contact names/pics

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I get SMS updates from my bank etc reminding me to pay my bills etc.

Weirdly, they are being assigned a contact from my facebook contacts.

They're the sort of messages which don't have a number on them as such, they come already with a name in the from field.

It doesn't appear to link the contact in fully, as if i touch the contact picture it crashes the messages app.

If I delete the HTC account sync settings it goes away. But as long as I use the HTC Facebook account sync settings it will assign one of my facebook contacts to any text messages like this.

It is always the same contact, and there seems to be no correlation as to why (it's not first in my list or anything like that). If I delete the contact from facebook and the sync everything, then it chooses the next contact. It would appear to be choosing the first contact it comes across with a non numeric entry in their mobile contact field on facebook.

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Have a look at posts 16/17 on the xda thread

Ahh, marvelous. Thank you very much.

I managed to find the "Only Show contacts withphone numbers" tick box, hopefully that'll help.

We'll see next month when it's time to pay my credit card bill I suppose :-)

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