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HD2 Start Menu Icons Rearrange Themselves

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I've noticed that on occasions the icons in my start menu grid sometimes get re arranged and items aren't where I expect them to be. There doesn't seem to be any rationale to this, it's not alphabetical order or most recently used. It's just a minor niggle that been bugging me for ages.

It would also be nice if there were a way to manual rearrange the icons rather than just press and hold and 'move to the top'.

Any ideas?

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Personally never noticed this.

Do you install programs a lot? (My thought being that it is related to the adding / removing of icons from the start menu)

Are you using an original ROM? (Every ROM has a bug or two in it - I'm using the stock T-Mobile UK firmware)

Does your phone require a reset often? (Resetting could mess things up a bit)

Not sure any of these questions / answers helps you much, but could point the finger in the right direction?

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I noticed this behaviour when I first got the phone and I was testing applicatios. I found JWMD icon changer and that had a alphabetical sort. I did that and noticed any new apps appear at the end of the list. I'm going to try the sorter app above to see if there's any autosort option but I think I like the way It's done at the moment as its easy to find new apps. any regular apps get launched from quicklinks so I normally don't use start menu.

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