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MoDaCo NoData on WM6.5

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So there probably isn't a Samsung Jack 6.1 rom floating around because Samsung never released it to the public. Understandable. I'm starting to "like" 6.5 anyways. I do have one problem though.

I installed NoData on WM 6.5 and disabled all the settings. When I log into IE, it says no connection (the Wi-FI is off) and that is exactly what I expect. I have installed Opera as well, and the same thing happens (again, exactly what I expect). When I turn on my Wi-Fi and go to IE, I go to www.whatismyip.com and my CORRECT IP address comes up. When I do the same for Opera, a different IP comes up, some place in Norway. I was curious if anyone else had this problem. I'm not sure if I'm using my data for Opera, so I try to not use it. I also have YouTube installed on my phone and am nervous that my phone is using the data, not the Wi-Fi connection.

Does anyone have any advice or know anything I can do??


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i'm guessing Opera uses some kind of proxy server as iirc Opera is a Norwegian company?

This is just a guess though.

But i've had no problems or unexpected bills using NoData in the US (i'm from the UK) with wifi in bars etc on 6.5

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