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Problems with unlock code

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Bought an unlock code from htc code for $25 but the handset had to be replaced by t-mobile and htc code would not provide a new code or even offer a discount on a second code. Didn't care that modaco members would be attracted to service like this.

I paid a second lot of $25 for the code for the new handset but now htc code say they don't have the imei in their database and say I'll have to wait a few weeks.....so far I've owned a desire for 3 weeks and not made one single phone call.

Customer service by htc code is poor. Emails are rarely replied to and if they are the answers are abrupt and a fob off. I have to keep emailing him to ask him to try again. Is it my impatience or is this pretty crap service?

My question - can anyone verify that recent t-mobile supplies can not yet be unlocked.

Also is there a more reliable unlock service that people are using for recent t-mobile handsets.



Edit: meant euros not dollars

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