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Samsung Propel Pro - PocketSNES Screen/Sound Issue

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I recently had my phone replaced after I'd lost my Blackjack II. The replacement was a Samsung Propel Pro.

Windows Mobile 6.1

Screen Resolution: 320 x 320

CPU: 528 MHz ARM Qualcomm MSM7201A

I've tried masterall's PocketSNES emulator version 1.53 as well as 1.52 but there are some issues. When I try loading any games from version 1.53, the program crashes out to the OS. With version 1.52 I can get some games to load fine, however, none of them play any sounds when sound is enabled through the menu. Also in 1.52 while in any portrait mode the games display half screen only on the upper left. Landscape mode is okay except that the screen's orientation is set in such a manner that all the phone's buttons are awkwardly to the left of the screen.

Anyone have any ideas on what I might be able to do to either get version 1.53 to function properly, or to correct the display/sound issues in version 1.52? Perhaps also, if anyone has the source code for either version I could look into seeing if I can correct the issues.

I do have tgetfile.dll installed properly.

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