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Google Maps - Sharing A location

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Seem to be missing something...

On my previous phone (Omnia WM6.1) when I used google maps and found a location, I could click on the box, select SMS and send the location info to another person. This was handy for people who didn't have access to the app on their phone, but I could give them the directions or the address etc...

On my new Droid Incredible which has Google Maps 4.1 on them, I find the location click on the box and I get the option to

Whats here

Search nearby

Report a problem

Add as a contact

If I use menu, I get:


Directions Layers

My Location Latitude


Clear Map

Starred Items



Terms and Privacy


But no SMS option.

I could save it as a contact, and then SMS it from there, but that seems dumb.

Am I missing an option?

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