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cannot synch Google calendar to X10, or entries made on X10 to Google calendar

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Hi everyone!

Need some advice please? I have GMail and Calendar working perfectly in my X10 but my friend’s calendar does not synch..

On the X10,

Settings – Data Synchronisation – Google mail is checked..

Then choose select sync application – Google sync,

Background data,

Auto synchronisation,



Are all checked..

Select Calendar,

From menu select more – My calendars

Both UK holidays and [email protected]

Are both checked.

All seems OK on the PC!

My idea is that when she set up the calendar and it asked Calendar to X10, X10 to calendar or bother directions, she maybe did something wrong there.

I cannot find those settings to change them!

Not sure if I delete the calendar from Google on the PC then add it again, if it would resolve the issue…

Or delete from the phone and reinstall that way.

I don't want to delete the google account from her phone because she added many calendar entries directly.

Any ideas most welcomed!!


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