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any downsides to an unbranded hd2 on t-mobile?

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i'm looking at getting an hd2 on t-mobile but from a 3rd-party supplier who provides unlocked and unbranded handsets.

my rationale is that i'll be able to get speedier updates from the htc international website and the phone will have better resale value when that time comes.

anything i'll be missing by foregoing the branded phone?

or any services from t-mobile that i won't be getting?

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I've got the T-Mobile one, and am happy with the updates they have provided so far (more since release than I ever saw for any of my other T-Mobile Windows Mobile phones).

Updating the firmware to any version you want is fairly simple for a branded or unbranded phone, and reverting to stock T-Mobile ROMs for resale / repairs is also simple.

I personally think that branding is irrelevant when reselling - but that is my perspective. Buyers that want it to work / look like their previous T-Mobile phone might prefer the banding in the software, others may be happy to update it themselves, etc. Most important thing would be unlocking - which is easy with the branded ones.

I would recommend buying the phone YOU prefer based on aesthetics, costs, etc.

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