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M2D Missed Call Notification and Other Enhancements

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Hi all,

I've covered this somewhat in a previous post found here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...-page-plug-ins/, but I thought I would go into detail as how to get a missed call notification on your M2D today page.

Let me start by saying that I love haveing Touchflow on my Omnia. My real frustration was that with version 2 of M2D the missed call notification was removed and I really missed it. So I started looking for a work-around and finally got one that I am happy with. I now use SPB Phone Suite for my missed call and voicemail notification. This program also includes some other features that I find usefull so that is what I will be covering in this post. I will also show you how to use the M2D Operator tab which is not used on our Omnia cooked roms to get an expanded appointment page on your menu bar. So here we go:

You will need to download 2 programs to get the missed call notification active. The first is SPB Phone Suite, it is available here: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/pocketpc-s...are/phonesuite/. This is a commercial software program so be prepared to pay for it unless you can find a beta copy floating around on the internet that you would not need a registration code for. The second program you need is M2Dtp Config. I've attached the cab at the end of this post.

1. Disable M2D from your Start/Settings/Home/Items menu until done with everything.

2. Download and install both programs.

3. Once installed go to Start/Settings/Home/Items. You will see SPB Phone Suite listed in the items available. Make sure the check box is unchecked.

4. Set your SPB Phone Suite options by going to Start/Settings/System/SPB Phone Suite.

4. Open your Start Menu again and find the M2DTP Config program and launch it. On the General tab check both Auto-start and Auto-restart. Set your Auto-start delay to 3. Click on the Misc tab and set Auto switch to "Home" widget to 0. The Hide edit field at "Location" widget should be unchecked. Next click on the Windows tab. Here is where you will configure the settings and programs that you want displayed on your today screen. Use the following settings:

M2Dtp Window = Window_00

M2D Widget = Home

Position: X=0, Y=245

Size: W=240, H=59

In the Plugins box, tap and hold inside the box until the Add Plugin menu appears. Select Add Plugin. From the list select SPB Phone Suite and hit OK. You should now see this program in the Plugins box. Hit Apply and then hit Menu and Exit. Select Yes in the pop-up box.

5. Re-enable TouchFLO from your Start/Settings/Home/Items.

6. Soft reset.

Your plug-in should now be showing on your today screen. If not soft-reset and everything should be good to go. (Some people have reported that they needed to move off the Today page and than back to it for the program to launch.) You can edit SPB Phone Suite by a long-press on the widget window. This will bring up the menu and you can change your options from here.

I use a minimal configuration for my SPB Phone Suite. It shows only the missed call and voice mail notification along with the profiles and wireless manager icons. I also use the call filtering mode which displays below the icons on the Today page. I've included a screen shot of the full program and my setup. To use my setup you need to change some of the settings in M2DTP Config and Phone Suite.

The M2DTP settings are as follows:

M2Dtp Window = Window_00

M2D Widget = Home

Position: X=49, Y=245

Size: W=136, H=59

The Phone Suite settings are:

Check - Call Filtering: then click on Feature Options and set up your black and white lists.

Check - Profiles: then click on Feature Options and set up your personal settings for each item.

Check - Today Plug-In: again click on Feature Options and uncheck "Show SPB Phone Suite Icon", check - "Use large buttons" and check - "Show large indicators".

The first screen shot shows the full SPB Phone Suite setup. The second shows my setup.


Anyway I though you would like to see how I solved the no missed call notification on M2D. Enjoy.


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Here is how to get an expanded calendar page on your M2D ROM.

1. Download Calendar Plus, Operator Settings and Operator Icons.zip file.

2. Disable M2D until done with everything.

3. Install Operator Settings cab. Install Calendar Plus cab.

4. Run M2D OperatorSettings. Check the boxes for "Enable Operator Tab: and "Show text below icons". Rename Operator tab title to: Appointments.

5. Click on "Items" tab and make sure all items listed say "none".

6. Click "Apply" and exit.

7. Run M2DTP_Config.

8. Click on the "Menu" tab at the bottom and select "Add Window".

9. From the "M2Dtp Window menu select "Window_01"

10. From the "Windows" tab change "M2D Widget" to Operator.

11. Change the coordinates to X:0 Y:30 W:240 H:260

12. Long hold in the "Plugins" box and select Add Plugin.

13. From the menu select Calendar +.

14. Click Apply tab and then Menu tab and select Exit.

15. Replace the operator icons with calendar icons in windows. Unzip the Operator Icons file and copy all the files to your Windows directory replacing the current icons.

16. Run M2DC and click on the "Tabs" tab. Check the OperatorWidget and move it to the second position in the list.

17. Click on Apply and exit.

18. Soft reset.

19. Navigate to Start/Settings/Home/Items. Highlight Calendar+. Make sure the selection box is unchecked.

20. Select Options from the right menu.

21. Select your options. I use the following: Display the next "3" "Appointment and Today". I leave all the other check boxed unchecked. Click OK to exit.

22. Reenable M2D in your Home settings.








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I personally was on the fence on whether to flash a new M2D rom but now I most definitely will! Thank you very much for this tutorial.

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Nice instruction. I actually found this method in the same thread. There was another way to do it, but it required installing an incredibly bloated app just to get a fill for that blank space on the m2d home. Spb phone suite is by far the best way to do it. It shouldn't cost money tho :(

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