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Android Overclock Widget, Am I using this right?

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Ok... I'm new to all this. Did a quick search and couldn't find instructions or a manual.

I'm using the OverclockWidget by Billy CUi on my Hero. So I drop the widget onto one of my home screens, I click on it and go to advance settings. Here I've set screen on min to 245760 and max to 528000. Then I've checked differ Feq Screen Off; min 128000 and max 384000. I've also checked Auto start on boot and then save.

The thing is though, the widget never gives any indication of a clock change; it just says 528 all the time. I get a notification of clock change coming out of the sleep/idle/screen off state and that's about it, and not every time I might add. How can I be sure it's working correctly and not just defaulting to max all the time? When I click the widget again, the overclock sliders are set to max from the get go. So... am I doing this right?

I do however believe that battery life has been extended, so that might answer some of my question already.

Thanks! :rolleyes:

EDIT: Seems obvious now and I don't know why I didn't do it earlier, but make sure it's in TasKillers ignore list. That helps. lol

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