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G1 Help, Urgent!

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Hi guys,

This is my first post on the android page since i've only got my G1 Today and already i seem to have broken it temporarily.

Here's the deal,

i went through a guide of how to Root the G1

Worked perfectly fine but when it goes onto the stock rom and you have to set your G1 up it asks me to Sign in or create an account. there's no skip option.

the only problem is i'm on orange and whenever i click Sign in it always comes back with the Error that it can't connect.

I hope i'm not being a noob here but can someone PLEASE tell me what i need to do as i have no phone untill its sorted.

Thanks alot.


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Nevermind guys sorted it!

For those who may have the same problem in the future i used the following information for Orange:

Name = Orange Internet

APN = orangeinternet (case sensitive)



APN Type: default


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