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Market and GMail app blocked in China

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Apparently the Market and GMail apps are blocked in China for about 3 days. You can enter the market but all downloads will be unsuccessful. And the GMail app simply won't connect. What's worse, it seems that many people tried to perform a factory reset and ended up being unable to even log into, or create, the Google account. Others with a new phone cant configure it either. I tried to flash the latest MoDaCo r4 pre-release for Hero and this is what happened to me too. Same with my stock 1.5 ROM nandroid backup, even though it was already configured. Thankfully my backup of another MoDaCo R4 pre-release can still connect and sync contacts and calendar.

I'm afraid that the emergence of the China Mobile Android-based 'Ophone' system and its 'Mmarket' were the perfect pretext for the Chinese to simply shut down the uncontrolled western version of it. And I don't think that Google will try to do anything against it as they need to cooperate with the Chinese if they want to be able to advertise on the local platforms. Plus, as far as I know, Android and its market weren't officially sold in mainland China yet. I really fear that Maps is next on the list.

So, for me and many other foreigners or Chinese using one of the awesome Android phones here, this is really bad news.

There should be solutions though. The best right now seems to use a VPN, but I haven't tried that yet as my own computer VPN is based on OpenVPN, not PPTP nor L2TP. However VPN aren't free... GMail is simply available through the 'normal' app. I also saw that some people are suggesting to flash the 'host file' or something but this is in Chinese threads and I'm not 'technical' so I have no idea what they are talking about (I only discovered the possibility of rooting one week ago).

Any suggestion on workarounds would be highly welcome.

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Well, it's working again! Almost exactly 4 days after the connection was lost, the market and GMail are back...

I knew it'd be worth being patient before spending $$$ in a VPN ;)

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