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Crosshair-Symbol in upper right corner

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Hi there,

just switched my SIM-Cards and noticed a strange symbol in the upper right corner of the phone-display.

It's just above the "backspace"-key in the dialpad-display and right of the provider-string.

Looks like a crossed out crosshair to me... Any clues?

Thanks in advance

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Cant Beleive no one reads there manual anymore lol :lol:

it means its using HSDPA, my htc used to tell me this by a H icon, i think that made more sense but oh well lol.

its refered to as 3g+ HSDPA in the manual

edit: im chating rubbish i was looking at the wrong symbol lol. il try connecting the gps tommorow because i suspect the guy above is right , it seems like a location based service symbol crossed out

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