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HTC Tattoo / Openvpn

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I've recently installed OpenVPN on my HTC Tattoo phone, all certificates are ok , and i can connect to my server, log files seems to be ok.

My problem is thats i simply cannot ping or browse the server network from the phone... cannot ping VPN IP or local network IP.. nothing at all.

so i decided to configure client on a Windows computer, all is ok, no problem at all... with same configuration and same certificates...

Anyone had same issue? What do you think i should check?

server config:

port 1194

proto udp

dev tun

ca /mnt/C/sys/etc/ca.crt

cert /mnt/C/sys/etc/server.crt

key /mnt/C/sys/etc/server.key  # This file should be kept secret

dh /mnt/C/sys/etc/dh1024.pem


ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt

push "route"

tls-auth /mnt/C/sys/etc/ta.key 0

max-clients 2

user nobody

group nobody



log-append  /var/log/messages

verb 4
and the client

dev tun

proto udp

remote XXXXXXX.dyndns.org 1194

resolv-retry infinite




ca ca.crt

cert client.crt

key client.key

tls-auth ta.key 1


verb 3

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I have it working for a while now, so I have checked my client config file (that works) with the file you have and I have the following differences.

client // yep got this

dev tun // yep got this

dev-node /dev/tun // I have this one and you dont

proto udp // I have proto tcp, so I have never tried it with UDP. dont know how functional this is.

remote XXXXXXX.dyndns.org 1194 // yeah. got this but with port 443

resolv-retry infinite // yeah, got this one.

nobind // ditto

persist-key // ditto

persist-tun // and again

ca ca.crt // for these I actaully have the absolute location eg. /sdcard/certs/ca.crt

cert client.crt // and so on......

key client.key // and again, absolute path.

tls-auth ta.key 1 // I have this commented out with a ;

comp-lzo // yep got this

verb 3 // and this one.

Additional options that I have set and that work are:

reneg-sec 0 // this allows the server to decide whe to re-negotiate keys

//I also have the "auth" crypt cypher set

tls-remote <value> // I have this set.

suggest you run busyboxy in your phone and run the openvpn from the command line, so you can see the log. hope this helps in some way.

I have this running on HTC Hero (2.1 HeroSense Rom).


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