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Wii Tethering problem

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HTC Hero (T Mob G2) running MCR 2.9

I have two WiFi tethering apps - Barnacle and WiFi Tether. Both have problems.

1. Barnacle

This appears to start and run OK but the logfile shows the error message "no GPRS table" half way through start up. After this it says it's running OK. My laptop can see the connection and it will connect according to the network and sharing centre. But, my laptop doesn't appear in the clients list and it can't use the connection at all.

2. WiFi Tether

This starts and runs fine, my laptop can see it, can connect and can use the connection - it's absolutely fine so long as it's set to no encryption. As soon as I set encryption it says "restarting" and then proceeds to reboot the phone! Once it's back on then WiFi Tether won't run at all - instant Force Close. The only way out is to uninstall it, download a fresh copy and reinstall after which it's again fine unencrypted but fails again as above if I set encryption.

I can at least use WiFi Tether but I don't like running it unencrypted.

I've googled the "no GPRS table" message but can't find anything relevant

Does anyone have any solutions to any of the above issues?

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