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[App] TheftAlarm

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Version: 1.6

Last update: 27.09.2010

post-699389-1279418935_thumb.png post-699389-1279418959_thumb.png

Interface languages: English, Russian


The program is designed to help you to find phone if it is stolen or lost.

This works like this:

In the program settings you add allowed SIM card and phone numbers to send SMS messages.

After the boot program reads the IMSI number of the current SIM card.

If the IMSI is in a list of allowed, it displays a notification that the SIM is checked and the program ends.

If the current IMSI is not in the list of allowed, then program send an SMS messages to configured in the settings telephone numbers.

If for some reason the message is not sent (there is no network signal, enabled airplane mode, etc.), the program attempts to send it again after 10 seconds and it will be repeated before the SMS is not sent.

Thus in case of missing device can learn the phone number, which is using your phone.

Among other programs TheftAlarm distinguished by the fact that it is simple, does not have any (possibly unnecessary) functions.



- Added code for killing self. After notification program killing self process after 10 seconds (notice disappears).

- The program also kills self process when you enter the wrong password and when you click "back".

- Fixed a reaction to the program for IMSI = null. Now the program works correctly, if the airplane mode enabled, there is no SIM card or other network errors.

- Translated the string "SIM check OK" on Russian


- Added Greek translation (thanks to dancer_69)

- Small layout optimizations


- Created apk with those languages: Russian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish. Thanks to authors.


- Now, if app can't read IMSI on system boot

(if airplane mode on, waiting for PIN/PUK input or another reason), then app will do it every 10 seconds.

- Added additional info in alert sms: IMSI and IMEI.

- Sorry, but in this version and higher app will include english and russian translations only. It is hard for me to create many packages for one release, but including all languages in one apk - increase apk size. I think you understand me. This is simple app. Everyone can use my app in english.


- SMS text changed: "Phone is turned on. Unknown SIM inserted". In Russian version: "Вставлена чужая SIM"


- Now, notification "SIM check OK" disappears after 10 sec on Android 2.2

- Small code optimizations


If you want to translate my application to you language - I will be happy

Download for-translators.txt, translate strings between <string name="..."> and </string>. Then post translated file in this topic.

Please, don't use translation programs.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.

To moderators: Please, correct the text

If you like my program, donate me WebMoney: Z387211540187

I collecting money for Android Market developer account (25$)








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Hi all. I'm glad for you translations, but I think that not need to add all translations in the package, it make my program not simply.

If you want apk with available (in this or xda topic) translation post you request here (or email) and I make apk specially for you.

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