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Air Control

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Welcome to 'Paul's App of the Day', where I pick one of my favourite apps as featured app of the day! It's the weekend, which means we feature fun apps! ;) Today's app is...

Air Control

What they say

In this simple yet addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.

What we say

If you've played 'Flight Control' on the iPad / iPhone then you'll be familiar with this genre. It's so simple yet SOOO addictive! 2 runways. 1 Heliport. Coloured aircraft appear on screen and you have to direct them to the appropriate runway and land them without crashing. Simple enough right? :D




View Air Control at AppBrain


To use, install 'Barcode Scanner' from the Android Market.



FREE (Ad Supported) / £1.35 (Ad Free)

Market star rating at time of writing

4.57 (27953 ratings)

Version at time of writing


Similar / Alternative apps

Flight Frenzy, Dock It!, Air Traffic Control

Suggested improvements for the next version

I would like to see over the air multiplayer (working similar to Flight Control multiplayer on the iPad). :angry:

Have your say

Fan of Air Control? Found something better? Just wanna share your experiences? Post below! :D

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I'll give Flight Frenzy a try but I love Air Control and it's one of the first apps I install to my phone!

I saw you mention this in one of the other threads a few days ago and so I blame you for ruining my life. :D

I used to have friends, I used to go out, I used to talk to my family and then I installed 'Air Control'. Now I just sit in the corner landing planes and helicopters and telling every one to 'Shhh!'. I'm not addicted though, I can stop whenever I want.... ;) Now where's my phone, I need a fix... :angry:

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Downloading right now

Ohhh no. How am I going to get to work ontime now LOL

Edited by duryard

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