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SIM lock: How to clear on IP-830w

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Hello Experts,

Ok, a CDMA operator in my country began to sell Samsung's IP830w worldphone (WinMo 5), and I got two units to use with GSM SIMs. I got stolen so I locked my SIM to the second unit. Now I got Omnia II (i8000) for that SIM. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the code I used to SIM-lock. Other SIMS (even same network) don't work (asks for SIM lock code). Original SIM still works.

I did a hard reset, but it seems only the CDMA part was formatted (actually showed 'formatting CDMA' while resetting). SIM lock code is still requested when I try another SIM. Any hope to solve this?

CDMA part (SIM free) still works well.

Thank you all.

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