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[APP] GPS SQM - GPS Signal Quality Monitor v1.0

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GPS SQM is a small and simple native WinMobile application, which lets you monitor in real time the quality of satellite signal reaching your GPS receiver.

Using the program you can determine, for example, how device orientation and your hand affect the GPS receiver antenna and signal quality. Also you can find the spot where signal has the best quality and thus maximize the GPS precision and minimize the time necessary to obtain the GPS fix.

Informal Description

I just had a couple of free days and wanted to play a little bit with WM programming for the first time in my life.

System Requirements

  • WM 6.0+
  • Your device must support GPS API.

The program was written for and tested with Samsung Omnia II. In addition, it was proven to successfully work with Samsung Omnia and Microsoft Device Emulator in 320x240 mode. However, if your device supports GPS API, I don't see many reasons for the program not to work on this device. Also, chances are that the program may work with previous versions of WM, I just didn't test this.



Installation, Eradication and Usage

Please see accompanying README.TXT and HELP.GIF files. These files were included in the archive not because I just love to produce documentation for my own software and am trying to memorize how to use it. These files are intended for end users so there's some sense to throw a glance at them.



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