26 May 2011: Adhip's i900 29020 WP7alike. 23150, 28238, 23569 ROM

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adhip    0
Hello again adhip, thanks for the response, for the removal of the bottom menu bar i use this application (free) I haven't revomed the top status bar.

Yes, you 're right about the --winkey i used this way for a little while :D

I will continue my feedback when i have something more to say but if i can help in any other way just say the word, i would be more than happy.

Yes, I remember using NoNueBar long time ago when using HS++ to simulate Manilla :D . I have tried the theme you suggested, but the skin, the start menu & Bootscreen didn't work on 29020.

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macky14th    0

@macky14th; wow, I'm glad to know that someone still using my 23569 ROM. I too, using that ROM for a long time, even go back to it from newer version smile.gif. Unfortunately, if you see my 1st post, I mentioned about a disk crashed which made me lose all my previous kitchen including the 23569, so I couldn't check it in my kitchen. I'm not sure video call is supported but try using apps named "favorite hack" to enable the 'video call' option.

Thanks for the response and finally got the video call working thanks again.

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li y au    0

hi adhip,

i used your 23150 rom but if i connect my phone to my PC, active sync cant find it. I wanna install resco keyboards bcuz samsung keyboard occupied half of the screen already. Not only resco but also other apps that can only be installed with activesync. what do i need to do?

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mTx87    1

Hey adhip,

nice work!

So that old omnia get some new look :)

Got 1 question: could you share your .kxml cause I'm interested how you've got that rom that "lite" (running with own cooked 23153 atm)

Maybe you can give me some tips ;)

(which oem drivers are you using? b7300? dxid1?)

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